Questions & Answers

Will Quigley Catholic adopt Common Core?

No. Quigley Catholic is not required to adopt Common Core. Our traditional, faith-based education has shown proven academic results, year after year. We will continue to educate our students in the same way we always have, with a well-rounded curriculum including religion as a central subject.

What is the average number of students per classroom?

Our classrooms average 20 students, depending on the class and subject.

What is Quigley Catholic’s graduation rate?

Quigley Catholic has a 100% graduation rate. 99% of our students matriculate to a college or university. 1% (or less) chooses to enter the military.

How many students are in Quigley Catholic’s graduating class each year?

Each class (Freshmen through Seniors) has an average of 40 students. Enrollment numbers fluctuate from year to year.

How does Quigley Catholic’s tuition compare to other local, private and religious schools?

Quigley Catholic’s yearly tuition is comparatively low in contrast to other local options. For more information about our tuition rates, click here.

Is need-based tuition aid available to students who would like to attend Quigley Catholic?

Yes. Many of our families apply for and are granted aid so that their students have the opportunity to attend Quigley Catholic.

How is faith integrated in student education?

Faith is the foundation of everything we do at Quigley Catholic. Religion courses are a central part of our curriculum. Additionally, faith formation is at the root everything that we do, making our faith alive and inherent in all of our classrooms. Our Campus Ministry team, made up of students and staff, invigorates the Catholic culture of our school through activities and events. Each year, students participate in class retreats. Additional retreat opportunities exist and provide an opportunity for students to deepen their faith and enter more seriously into the life of the Church.